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International Parliamentary Debate Competition 

Stay Tuned for the 6th IPDC

About Hong Kong Innovative
Education Association

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Established as a non-profit organization, HKIEA aims to promote innovative practices and pedagogy in skill-based programs that nurture aspiring youngsters into future leaders for a constantly changing and complex world.


HKIEA does this by sharing best practices in innovation in education and providing opportunities through competition and live showcases for youth in Hong Kong to develop confidence and self-identity.


About See Change Education

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See Change Education is a learning organization that nurtures a community of young leaders, future world-shapers who appreciate the value of collaboration and use a guiding moral compass to help create societies that are more empathetic, responsible, and inclusive.

Our world-class curricula and courses - offered in-person, online and through schools and taught by high-performing coaches - emphasize 21st-century critical thinking, communication and media skills with a special focus on empowerment and the environment.

Know more about our speech and debate programs.

As of 4th IPDC







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